Email Database Appending Service

Email Appending is a marketing practice that involves taking customer data and matching it with the vendor’s database in order to obtain email addresses. In substance, it involves adding an email address to an existing list. Email has become an integral marketing method in promoting business-to-consumer and business-to-business communications. It is the most effective, immediate, targeted and inexpensive way to directly reach customers.

Email Appending

This significantly improves email marketing metrics on all levels. Email addresses are only valuable if they offer a company a viable channel of ISP or filters. Email database append ads missing email addresses to your current so you can connect with your audience more efficiently. It also helps your email campaigns reach the right people at the right time. Take advantage of this simple, cost-effective way to build your email database and connect with your customers online. We’ll compare your customer file with our database and add email addresses where available.


Email Appending


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  1. Direct Mail Mart has become an integral marketing method for promoting business communication with consumers and businesses through the email business. Our company is operating out of a personal communication tool.


  1. Our company is the single most effective, instant, targeted, and affordable way to reach customers directly. Staying in front of existing customers directly at Mail Mart, combining phone, fax, postal mailing and express delivery services has truly taken priority. By directly adding the email address to the mail Mart customer database, it can expand the customer’s marketing options and provide a great opportunity for customer communication.


  1. Our online marketing has become an important channel in today’s market and is a very cost effective way to communicate with customers.


  1. com’s list subscribes directly to all industry best practices. Our marketing is a marketing practice that involves taking the first name, surname and postal address of known customers and matching it against a vendor database to get email addresses.