Mortgage Homeowner Mailing Lists

The Direct Mail Mart marketing list provides the most up-to-date and accurate mortgage mailing list available in the direct market. The mortgage database directly comprised of the Mail Mart homeowners is constantly updated from home sales records, county evaluated data and market trends. In addition to the wealth of direct mail Mart marketing mortgages and transaction information, Diet Direct overlays its customer database demographics to deliver true and multi-dimensional targeting. Find prospects with our mortgage lead mailing lists Millions of people need mortgage services— from equity loans, FHA/VA loans, seller carry backs, fixed or variable rate mortgage loans, and more. But these buyers want to work with a mortgage broker they trust. Your direct mail campaign is a step toward building that trust. And we’re here to make sure you reach the right prospects.

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We simply provide the most comprehensive, accurate mortgage leads for your campaign. We also build our mortgage files at both the individual and household levels, which gives you multiple targeting options. Generally, a mortgage listing list is a variable that is available to market directly in the mail mart list. We every month, compiles updated mortgage information from public records, including prominent mortgage transactions and property properties, collected from county tax assessor files. Compiled directly from the Mail Mart Marketing County Recorder’s Office, this is a daily snapshot of most transactions that lead to ownership changes.


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We want to be your mortgage lead mailing list provider of choice. We combine over 450 variables so you get maximum coverage and targeting capabilities. Mortgage brokers like you nationwide use our lists for lead generation, refinance prospecting, new homeowner offers, Private Mortgage Insurance, general/life insurance offers, and much more.

The Direct Mail Mart list includes homeowners and mortgagors known to mortgages and realty databases, which are great prospects for marketers as a marketing cause with average-income, higher purchasing power, and higher purchasing power than renters. Direct Mail Mart marketing updates monthly databases with new homeowner files with deed records, and provides unprecedented levels of freshness and accuracy.

Mortgage mailing lists’s Mortgage and Realty database includes known homeowners and mortgage seekers that offer great potential for marketers because they have above-average incomes, greater buying needs, and higher buying power than renters. Each month, compiles updated mortgage information exclusively from public records, including detailed mortgage transaction and property characteristics gathered from the county tax assessor files. We update the database monthly with deed records from our New Homeowner file, resulting in an unprecedented level of freshness and accuracy.