Targeted Telemarketing database

Telemarketing continues to be one of the most effective channels for generating business-led leadership and increasing revenue, however success rates vary. In this blog post, we will discuss some areas of research that will help you get better at telemarketing and help you make the most of your efforts.


Telemarketing database


  1. Value Proposition

A popular product stays on top, as it continues providing value year after year to its customers. Therefore, it is important to convey the value of the offer in the right manner, which can be done by elaborating how your product or service can help. Creating a value proposition involves answering three questions: “what’s the product”, “who is the intended user” and “what’s the utility”. A unique value proposition tells the customer about the problem addressed by your product, and why they must choose you over your competitor. The value offered must be clear even before you pitch the cost of your product.


  1. Target Market

Cold calling using untargeted lists loaded with random contact numbers is a rookie mistake. Before kicking off a telemarketing campaign, it is essential to conduct a thorough market research to understand the needs of target customers. Leveraging research data to streamline your campaign gives you a definite edge over your competitors.


  1. Data Composition

Your telemarketing database can have vague information of the prospects, missing certain attributes such as geography, income, or area code. Therefore, optimizing your telemarketing database to include all bits of missing information is imperative before attempting cold calls.


Why we are the best


Our telemarketing lists are Do Not Call compliant and include hundreds of demographic options so that you can customize your search and reach your desired audience.

Calling a list of prospects that are looking for your product or service will increase response, and therefore proper targeting for you campaign is important. But when it comes to telemarketing, DNC-compliant data is critical. We offer telemarketing lists with accurate and DNC-compliant phone numbers. We use information from multiple sources and frequently update our files against the Do-Not-Call registry, ensuring you don’t call consumers who don’t want to receive calls.

Most businesses need to reach a specific audience for their telemarketing offer; therefore, a bulk telemarketing list just won’t cut it. At direct mail mart, you can save yourself time and resources by receiving only the telemarketing lists you need based on specific demographic, psychographic, and geographic requirements.


telemarketing database

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Direct Mail Mart is the second most common form of direct marketing in the telemarketing list where marketers interact with customers over the phone. has access to a list of the best telemarketers available directly in the list. We plans to do any marketing campaign to reach consumers, businesses or specific professionals, marketing lists are the source for direct, loyal list of customers. We provide business listings that you can select by region, category or number of employees. We also offer a new business listing that includes business licenses and a compiled list of Telco’s. Telemarketers are considered one of the most responsive mediums for leadership generation in the direct mail mart marketing list B2B. Database Group provides telemarketer listings designed to help customers make money.